Belly Fat

Belly Fat

Fat around the abdomen can develop for many reasons and be very stubborn to shift even with exercise and diet. It can thus become very frustrating for the individual. A poor diet can lead to excess belly fat and alcohol, studies have linked high alcohol intake to weight gain around the middle. The Menopause can be another cause of belly fat, around this time, estrogen levels drop dramatically, causing fat to be stored in the abdomen, rather than on the hips and thighs

Treatment options for Belly Fat

Non-surgical treatments are now available to remove that stubborn fat in a pain-free way. Fat freezing combined with cavitation and radio frequency technologies attack the fat cells. Over time these fat cells break down and the released products are removed from the body in a natural way by the lymphatics. Dr Meyer uses the latest cryolipolysis and ultrasound-based technologies to treat this. Using the latest non-surgical fat freezing technologies from 3D Lipo including a single 3D Cryo Freeze treatment followed by weekly triple technology treatments of 3D Cavitation, 3D Body RF & 3D Shockwave. All the treatments are available at our clinic in Weybridge, Surrey, call today to book your consultation on 01932 706402

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Belly Fat

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