Frown Lines

Forehead Lines

Horizontal Lines on the forehead happens to everyone as the skin loses its elasticity and are usually the first wrinkles that we develop with age. The muscles on our forehead are used in almost every face expression we make and hence wrinkles appear.  This coupled with the number of other factors can determine just how visible these lines are.

Treatments for Forehead Lines

There are a number of non-surgical treatment options available, the most common of these being Botox for forehead wrinkles using anti-wrinkle injections with Botulinum Toxin A – Botox®, HIFU skin lifting & Profhilo®.  The most effective treatment will be agreed with you at your face to face consultation which takes into consideration the ‘lines’ in question, your age, health and lifestyle, it can sometimes be that a plan involving a combination of treatments is most effective. All of these treatments are available at our clinic in Weybridge, Surrey, call today to book your consultation on 01932 706402

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Frown Lines

The Consultation

However you feel and whatever you believe the consultation is a key stage for you to share what is going on and have an open yet confidential discussion with a professional

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