Feed Your Skin

It’s not all about what we put on our skin, what we consume also helps to maintain a healthy complexion.
There are plenty of delicious superfoods & ingredients to feed your skin that you can include in your diet to get you feeling & looking your best.

Here’s some of our favourite fruits & foods to boost a healthy glow:


• Blueberries – Blueberries are high in  antioxidants which help with healthy ageing.

• Nuts – contains omega 3 to aid inflammation.

• Maca powder – promotes collagen to improve firmness.

• Avocado – contains beta carotene to help moisturise

• Citrus fruit – contains vitamin C which promotes collagen and is also an antioxidant so will protect protect skin cells

• Water – (*plenty of) hydrates the skin & helps to flush toxins out of the body


How do you feed your skin?

What are some of your favourite skin-boosting recipes/smoothies/ingredients?