Plenhyage XL


Plenhyage XL can be used as a treatment for various skin conditions, including acne scarring, hyperpigmentation, and rosacea. It can be injected into different areas of the face, such as the upper, mid, and lower regions, and it is also effective for treating the neck, décolletage, inner arms, thighs and knees.

Is Plenhyage XL a dermal filler? No, dermal fillers simply add volume to the skin. Plenhyage XL is different, in that it stimulates regeneration. We call it one of our ‘injections for skin quality’ as it also adds hydration for improvement to the texture and appearance of the skin.

Plenhyage XL is a type of skin injectable that contains a gel made of polymerized, polynucleotide-based substances. Its purpose is to aid in tissue repair by stimulating fibroblasts (cells responsible for producing collagen), promoting cell turnover, enhancing elasticity, boosting collagen production, and hydrating the skin.

The polynucleotide chain in Plenhyage XL not only attracts water molecules, but it also has anti-free radical properties. It acts as a scavenger for hydroxyl radicals (OH radicals), which tend to accumulate due to factors like stress, cell damage, and external agents like UV rays. This moisturising effect and anti-free radical activity help create an optimal environment for fibroblast growth, thereby aiding in the restoration of tissue elasticity