Double Chin

Double chin occurs due to a few reasons. The skin can start to lose its elasticity due to natural ageing, weight loss or weight gain. All these factors can contribute to a double chin. We can offer a non-surgical approach to help resolve this problem using either 3D Lipo fat freezing technology, High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound (HIFU) or Radio Frequency. The treatment is available at our clinic in Weybridge, Surrey, call today to book your consultation on 01932 706402

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Double Chin


You may see some change immediately after treatment. However the benefit will continue as the fat cells are broken down and eliminated from your body over time. It can take up to 3 months for the results to start to show.

With a number of technologies on offer a consultation will be required to examine you and work out the optimum plan for you, this may be Cryo-Freeze, HIFU or 3D RF Skin Tightening.

– Cryo-Freeze is one off treatment. That can be repeated in 3-6 months.
– HIFU is one off treatment that can be repeated in 12-18 months.
– 3D RF (Radio Frequency) Skin Tightening is a weekly treatment for 6-8 successive sessions

You may feel tingling sensation at first with the freezing treatment, but this will subside quickly as your skin adjusts to temperature.

– HIFU is associated with no discomfort except for the occasional prickly sensation when treatment is close to bone near jaw line.
– 3D RF (Radio Frequency) just feels like a warm massage

The treatment will last for 45-60 minutes depending on modality used.

No recovery time, you can go back to your life as usual straight after your treatment. However you will be advised to avoid sun bathing for 4 weeks after HIFU treatment.

There may be some slight swelling or redness that will quickly subside. On rarer occasion there may be blistering but this recovers.

Prices from £250

The Consultation

However you feel and whatever you believe the consultation is a key stage for you to share what is going on and have an open yet confidential discussion with a professional

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