HIFU Facelift

What is 3D HIFU Facelift

Non-surgical skin lifting has become one of the most sought-after treatments and HIFU is the latest non-surgical technology to excel in this area.  In just one single session it targets brow lifting, jowl line lifting, nasolabial fold reduction, periorbital wrinkle reduction and overall skin tightening and rejuvenation.

The highly focused ultrasound energy creates thermal coagulation zones at two to three different selected depths. Following this a wound healing response results in the formation of new collagen, thus providing a longer-term tightening of the skin. Essentially controlled injury is brought about by heating tissue beneath the surface of the skin to 60 using ultrasound.

The collagen elastin cells snap into action to bring about healing and hence better tissue.

How does 3D HIFU work?

The HIFU facelift treatment lifts, tightens, tones and reduces loose skin to counteract the effects of both time and gravity.

The high intensity focused ultrasound penetrates the foundation layer of your skin, bypassing the surface of the skin and delivering targeted energy specifically into the deep, structural tissues and muscles where collagen lives. As the collagen fibres rejuvenate and shorten there is a tightening effect and gently and gradually the skin and tissue memory is restored.

This treatment really comes into its own for lifting and tightening the cheek area and sharpening the jowls and jawline; lifting the brow; reducing wrinkles around the forehead, eyes and lips; reducing excess skin on upper eyelids; improving the chin outline and reducing marionette lines; removing the ageing wrinkles from the neck; improving the skin quality and tightening loose skin.

HIFU procedure

There is no special preparation or recuperation and it usually takes just one treatment to gain a noticeable result. Some clients enjoy an initial effect immediately following the treatment, but the ultimate lifting will become really visible in approximately two to eight weeks, as tired collagen is rejuvenated and replenished.

The treatment is a one-off and lasts anywhere between six months to one or two years depending on your age, diet and lifestyle.

Is HIFU safe?

High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) is a relatively new cosmetic treatment for skin tightening that some consider a non-invasive and painless replacement for facelifts. It uses ultrasound energy to encourage the production of collagen, which results in firmer skin.

HIFU is most widely known for its use in treating tumours. The first reported use of HIFU for aesthetic use was in 2008Trusted Source.

HIFU was then approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2009 for brow lifts. The device was also cleared by the FDA in 2014 to improve lines and wrinkles of the upper chest and neckline (décolletage).

Several small clinical trials have found HIFU to be safe and effective for facial lifting and refining wrinkles. People were able to see results in a few months after treatment, without the risks associated with surgery. The treatment is available at our clinics in Surrey, call today to book your consultation on 01932 706402.



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HIFU Facelift


The treatment is fantastic for overall skin tightening and rejuvenation. It can utilised for brow lifting, jowl line lifting, nasolabial fold reduction,  periorbital wrinkle reduction and neck lift.

Generally, a noticeable improvement in your facial contouring and fine lines and wrinkles will be visible within a six to eight-week period whilst further improvement in facial skin tightening and wrinkles will be seen up to four to six months’ post treatment.

One single treatment is recommended and then a maintenance treatment is advised every 18 months.

You will experience a slight vibration and warmth whilst the energy is being penetrated. The treatment may feel slightly uncomfortable around the jaw line but generally this treatment is pain free.

The treatment time depends on the area, appointment are usually 60-90 minutes.

You can go back to your normal daily activities directly after having the treatment, there is no downtime as such. However, direct sun i.e. sunbathing to be avoided for four weeks’ post treatment. Factor 50 sunscreen blocking UVA and UVB will be given to you to wear at all times.

You may have a slight numbness for up to a few days following the treatment. Also the treated area may show some signs of redness and swelling.

Prices from £350

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