Neck Lift

The neck area can be quite a visible sign of ageing, however a number of options are available to address this including HIFU, Radio Frequency, Profhilo treatment and botulinum injections, a consultation will be required to examine, diagnose and determine the best course of action for you. Treatments available at our Surrey clinics in Woking & Frimley Green, call today to book your consultation on 01932 706402

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Neck Lift


You will have an initial consultation and assessment with Dr Saadia Meyer. This aim is to check your suitability for the proposed treatment keeping in mind your overall health and addressing your aesthetic expectations.

The aim would be to lift and tighten the jaw and neck line. Results will depend on type of treatment

– HIFU 3-6 months
– Botulinum Toxin A result one week and repeat 4-5 months
– 3D RF (Radio Frequency )Skin Tightening results in 3 months.

Using 3D HIFU only one treatment will be needed

Using Botulinum Toxin treatment one treatment with repeat every 4 months

Using 3D RF (Radio Frequency) skin tightening treatment 8 weekly treatments

Botulinum injections feel like pin pricks. An extremely fine needle is used to inject tiny quantities to targeted muscles. Numbing cream can be applied if especially sensitive for 20-30 min pre-procedure. In general most people decline anaesthetic cream to save time.

Botilium injections take up to one hour.

3D HIFU (High Intensity Focussed Ultrasound) treatments take up to one hour and 30 min.

3D RF ( Radio Frequency) Skin Tightening can take up to 45 minutes to an hour.

With botulinum injections you can continue normally with the rest of the day but should avoid lying flat for up to 4 hours.
There are no restrictions against air travel. Makeup can be worn. You will get an aftercare leaflet that will caution against activities as facial massages, extremes of temperature, vigorous exercise etc.

With 3D HIFU treatments you can return to normal daily activities immediately after treatment. Sun bathing to be avoided for 4 weeks.

3D RF (Radio Frequency ) skin Tightening there is no recovery time but sunscreen is to be worn during the day.

Prices from £250

The Consultation

However you feel and whatever you believe the consultation is a key stage for you to share what is going on and have an open yet confidential discussion with a professional

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