A good skincare regime is a must if you want to optimise any skin treatment that you may be considering or are already having. But the information and array of products can be overwhelming. Finding a product range that is tailored to your skin type and condition is vital and worth every penny.

Why is it so important to care for your skin on a daily basis? And what does caring for your skin entail?

Our skin breathes and is porous, which means that UVA rays, dirt and toxins can pass through into the deepest layer, so it is important to deep cleanse, particularly at the end of the day. Contrary to popular opinion, while you sleep your skin is not repairing itself; it is repairing and renewing itself all the time. But, at night, because it is not exposed to toxins, it is in an optimum state to absorb products. On the contrary, in the morning, your routine is geared towards preparing and protecting your skin from a day of exposure from UVA rays, toxins, make up and the elements.

First thing in the morning, our skin may have a light sheen, which is actually sweat. Just washing this off under the shower is not sufficient. If we follow the key steps of cleansing, exfoliating and applying specific serums or oils we are then ready to apply the final protective layers: a moisturiser and SPF cream. Each product serves a different purpose and can be selected according to your skin type and condition. You will be treating every layer of your skin, not just the top layer and since every treatment works at a different level it is important to prepare and condition from surface to deep tissue.

In the evening, it is time to detoxify your skin of all the harmful external influences of the day and then apply products that feed every layer of it. The two products, which have to be removed thoroughly, are sunscreen and makeup because they are designed to stay on your face. Double cleansing is the most effective method, usually with a light face cloth, which you should use under a running tap, not by filling the basin. First, with an oiled based cleanser, then a lighter milk or gel cleanser. Clean those pores before applying toner and specific serums, gels or creams to different areas of your face. An all over facial treatment, which could be a serum, oil or cream still allows your skin to breathe while nourishing deep down into the layers of skin tissue.

Following a morning and nighttime routine using products that work with your skin type and condition is fundamental to improving and maintaining the tone, texture and vitality of your skin. No amount of Botox, fillers or other treatments can replace good quality, consistent skincare and it is never too late to start.

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