Why have Profhilo?


If you’re looking for a complimentary treatment following Botox or fillers, then Profhilo could be the answer. It is perfect for any part of your body: face, chest, neck, arms, hands and knees, anywhere that the skin is showing signs of ageing. There is an immediate improvement in skin tone, texture and smoothness.

How Does Profhilo Work?

Profhilo is a concentrated form of stabilised hyaluronic acid and its role is to retain moisture in the body and aid collagen production. When it is injected just below the skin’s surface, because it is fairly liquid and gel-like, it flows through the tissue, rehydrating as it goes. It is also a biostimulant, so as it naturally breaks down and is absorbed and finally eliminated during the first couple of weeks it also wakes up collagen and elastin production in the skin. As we age collagen production slows and our skin can become dull and lose elasticity, leading to an increase in fine lines and wrinkles. Injecting Profhilo into the skin literally floods pores and fine lines, but does not affect muscle tissue or accumulate in specific areas creating unnatural swelling or lumps. 

Why is Profhilo so Good?

It is a non-invasive, effective and relatively pain-free treatment, which can be used in addition to more traditional deep tissue treatments such as Botox and fillers. It is beneficial to use in the more difficult to correct areas such as the forehead, corners of the mouth and jawline because as the gel flows under the skin it works its way into all the fine lines and pores to create a smooth, natural appearance. There is no age limit for treatment and the results are significant if your skin is in need of intense hydration and a boost to elasticity. Most women start in their 30s.

Will it Hurt?

Unlikely. There may be a stinging sensation as the gel flows from the point of insertion, but this only lasts for 20 seconds or so. Nor is there any inflammation or irritation after treatment, although small bumps may appear where the needle was inserted. These should disappear within 24 hours.

How Often do I Need Treatment?

If you are having the treatment on your face there will be five injections in specific points: just next to each ear, at each corner of your mouth, chin, under the eyes and on top of each cheek. An equal amount is placed into each side of your face to achieve the maximum balanced result. 

A month later these injections are repeated in the same places. The results should last for approximately six months.

Will I Look Different?

The beauty of Profhilo is that the effects are immediate. You will notice that your skin is brighter, smoother and has a renewed vitality. And this is only after the first round of injections. As time goes on and in particular after the second batch of injections these effects are further enhanced as the hyaluronic acid has hydrated the skin tissue and activated collagen production. 

The best way to describe the result is ‘a radiant, healthy, slightly plumper looking glow’ and most women feel particularly happy that ‘no one notices, but there is a difference’.